Graboid Video Software Review

Do you want to enjoy an awesome internet video experience?

Do you wish to download more videos?

Or do you wish to download multiple videos simultaneously?

Discover the real truth about the Graboid Video Software? This review might be really helpful for you in getting all the information you need about this Software. In this Graboid Video Review, I am going to share some really important information about the Graboid Video Software without the various bias views and marketing hype that is common with most reviews online.

My goal is to provide you with unbiased review of Graboid Video software so that you can deciding if the Graboid Video Software is really as good as people say it is. However, if you already know about the Graboid and you are looking for where to download it, than click on the link provided below to get your own copy of the Software.

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About Graboid Video Software

Graboid Video Software is a desktop application that works on windows as well as Mac. It acts like dedicated browser to help download videos. Graboid Video Software allows you to download multiple videos simultaneously, although I found out that that might affect your download speed. The Graboid Video Software has collections of more than 500,000 High-quality videos. This allows you to download your movies or episodes in no time.

A very good advantage of the Graboid video software is its download speed. It allows you to download a movie within 1 hour at 250/Kbps. Graboid Video Software allows you to either steam video or download. For Streaming, you will need a minimum of 1 Mbps speed. For streaming full DVDs, you will need a minimum 4Mbps.

In terms of security, Graboid Video Software is virus-free; it contains no adware or spyware. How Graboid Video Software works is, it gets the content from Giganews, which is a world’s number one Usenet provider. Graboid Video Software has bought a reseller account from Giganews that comes with unlimited bandwidth.

Graboid Video Software comes with a free 2 GB trial account which allows you to download movies of 2Gb in size, later on you can then upgrade to Unlimited which is at an affordable price per month. Another great thing about this product is that they allow users to cancel their service if you are not satisfied with the service so that you will not be charged for subsequent month while using the Graboid Video Software. You can do this by going in account tab in the Graboid Video Software and under payment history click cancel. This will then prompt a confirm popup.

Am sure what is running through your mind right now is “Why pay for all this while I can use torrent?” The problem is when you download from torrent the production companies will find out who downloads their copyright content. But when you use Graboid Video Software you are safe. There is also no risk attach to trying it out because if in any way you are not satisfied with Graboid Video Software service you can cancel your service by logging into your account. However, I found out that a lot of people that have been using this software find it very useful and gave positive rating about Graboid.

Click here to get your copy of “GRABOID”

I hope you find my Graboid Video Review helpful. If you have any further question about this product I will be glad to provide further assistance.


What do you get with Graboid Video?

Last time we subscribed we got the following:
• Access to over 100,000 full-length videos/movies.
• Free trial.
• 2GB of free space, so you can download and watch 1 to 2 movies.
• The quality of some videos was not that great.
• Fast download speed (15-20 min).
• It is downloadable software.
• It offers Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing application.
• Integrated play back, allows you to watch videos online.
• Download and watch the latest movies.
• Phone and email support, 7 days a week.
• Basic subscription was $4.95 per month for 10GB of space (about 6 movies).

Since then I found few other websites but the movies are quite old.
I am very happy with Graboid and if you want check it yourself.
The good thing is you can register for free and you do not need to give any credit cards details.

Want to watch free movies online?
Try Graboid for over 500,000 movies and tv shows, all streamed or downloaded to your PC.

Graboid Video: Most Extensive Library of Online Videos

Want to get instant access to the inaccessible video content available over the net? You might have heard about the graboid video, it is windows download application that is none other than a dedicated video search engine. With it you can easily watch videos online of whatever length. If you are planning to use this video software then you can get access to more than 130,000 videos. The best part of using this video software is that you get full feature length videos with full screen. Even with some videos you get an opportunity to view them in High Definition (HD). The graboid download is its one of the most enjoyable feature that enables you to enjoy the fast download speeds depending upon the speed of your internet connection.  With the little to no wait time you can directly play the videos in the application. Easily browse the videos and watch them before your friends watch them. It is an easy to use app that searches the web for you to find the videos you want.

Let us now have a look on the graboid video review.

Within a very short duration of time the graboid has gained much popularity and has a lot of fans. It offers a lot of features. Let us now stress on them:

  • Video streaming with an access to over 100,000 videos.
  • With it you don’t have to wait for the video playback.
  • It offers the full resolution with full length of files.
  • You can view your videos any time by downloading either High Definition or normal videos in the Graboid database.
  • Enjoy the fastest download speeds for almost all the available videos.
  • It offers high resolution playback with crystal clear digital audio.
  • You can play any video within this application only with its integrated playback feature.
  • Another advantageous feature is its web integration with which you can get support of its built-in community forums as well as indulge yourself in the discussions.
  • Without ever leaving the Graboid you can check the details of your favorite videos and can easily manage them.

Let us discuss some of the pros of the graboid:

  • It is downloadable software.
  • It offers Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing application.
  • Find, watch and download your favorite movies, TV shows.
  • It is an easy to use platform.
  • Sophisticatedly designed software that allows extremely fast download speeds like a 2 hour movie can be downloaded in just 30 minutes.

The cons of the graboid are:

  • Not enough selections.
  • Take too much memory for one movie.
  • You can’t directly download it and use it.

This video software works great on all the Microsoft Windows versions. While starting with this software you won’t face any technical issues but there are few that you should keep in mind. While installing this program you first need to agree the user terms and then three programs get installed—Mozilla Activex Control, VLC player and Graboid Video. It will also install the Windows 2.0 .net framework if your computer does not have it initially. After all this click on the New Account option and fill your registration information. Then you will automatically get entered into the application and you will get the recently added titles. Later you will get the guide to use your graboid software by your default web browser. As the installer does not create a desktop shortcut so you have to use the following steps to launch your graboid software, Start Menu-> Programs-> Graboid Video.

Verdict –

If you are used to watch TV online then you must be aware of large number of methods of watching movies, TV shows and games etc online. Some of you may be facing problems in streaming or downloading them. The graboid software has been found to achieve the top ranking as it allows you to get access to thousands of such movies and programs and that too with little fuss. You can either stream the movies or download them for future use. You can easily participate in discussions of its great backed up community through its full web integration.

Online Video Sites

If you consider Online video, the websites that come up to your mind are probably Google Video or YouTube. They are well-known and most popular on the web. But there are other websites that are not well known, but it’s worth looking into.
One of them is Vimeo. It is a respectful community of creative people who are passionate about sharing the videos they make. With Vimeo it is easy to view a collection of different videos online. The program is free to use, but it is advisable to register with them to get more out of it. After registration you will find it easier to search and find the videos that you want to watch.

The next site for videos is Sharkle. it is a simple, straight-forward, family-friendly free video sharing website. Is not well-known but if you’re just trying to get your video seen, it is a very good site.

Another website for videophiles is ClipShack. On this website people can post their videos for general public or post video to blogs, share clips with friends and family, also they can share feedback and information with other members and gain more information relevant to digital video creation.

I will mention few others, but please explore further in details if you are interested in any of them.

  • Revver is a revenue sharing, as well as video sharing, web site. This earns producers money by embedding at the end of videos some ads.
  • is the video sharing site to use if you have regular content that you want syndicated, and your videos are automatically posted on iTunes.
  • Yahoo Video has got all the features as the other large video-sharing sites, and gives you the ability to upload a transcript for your video, which makes it easier to find in web searches.
  • My Space page has a forum for easily sharing your videos online.

The other sites which you can review are: Bolt, DropShots, Daily Motion, Metacafe, and many other sites.

Free Movies Online with Graboid Video

There are plenty of websites to get free movies online, or to watch videos online of that favorite shows of yours, and now it is all about to change thanks to Graboid Video. It’s also known as Graboid Download is a brand new super software which works as a search engine and gives you access to free movies online as well as watch videos of TV shows and much more. You could download and try out the Graboid video download trial and enjoy free video online movies.

Graboid video features a straight forwardly method to access more than 100,000 full length videos where you can watch free videos online. The Graboid download feature allows you to download and watch videos online whenever you want to, and you are also able to play the videos directly through the software with superb transfer rate for you to enjoy the free movies online. Watch movies online by browsing the library of popular movies/videos sorted by graboid video users, and best of all, you are able to watch the latest free movies online before all of your friends.

Here is a short graboid video review. First of all, the main benefit of Graboid is the speed and selection feature which has the most fastest download speed, even faster compared to other popular p2p programs or torrent programs, and you are able to select the quality of the video.

With graboid video, you can also choose to stream the videos you want to watch or download it into your hard disk. You don’t have to worry if problems occur, as Graboid has a great customer support team which is available 24/7 as well as a community for you to share your problems and experience.

Watch Videos Online for Free

Now comes a time where you no longer need to go to the cinemas in order to watch your favorite movies, nor do you have to go to video rental stores to catch up with a TV series or even be in front of a TV set to catch your favorite shows, all thanks to the ability to watch free video online movies nowadays.

You do not even have to fork out money every time a new movie comes out, as there are plenty of choices to watch videos online, and get free movies online. You can watch it anywhere you want to, anytime you want to at the comfort of your own home. Besides these choices of free movies online, you could opt for video on demand sites which requires you to pay an affordable small fee to watch the latest releases.

Watch videos online is the thing, not only because they offer free movies online but also because you are able to get free videos online, instantly. Time is important, and everyone wants everything as fast as possible. That is why when you watch video online, especially free video online movies, it is instant, hence why it is so popular.

With an HDMI cable, you are able to connect your computer or laptop to your HD TV and enjoy watching the latest releases of movies and TV shows. Most of the websites will not require you to pay or sign up to watch anything. In order to watch your favorite one, go to watch online movies download section, select or load one of the free movies online, grab your popcorn, sit back and relax. Some sites however requires you to either sign up or pay a nominal monthly fee in order to watch, but it is all worth it and much cheaper compared to having to pay each and every time you want to watch movies in the cinema.

Graboid Video Review – Can You Really Get Free Graboid Video?

Graboid Video is an ultimate video search engine and an easy way to get full-length videos/movies online.

What do you get with Graboid download?

– Easy access to more than 100,000 full-length videos/movies.

– Fast download speed.

– You can download your favourite graboid video to watch or burn later.

– Integrated play back, allows you to watch videos online with little to no waiting time, so you can watch your favourite videos over and over again.

– Also they have phone and email support, 7 days a week.

– Good thing about Graboid video is you can start a free trial, without giving your credit card details.

– You can get and see 1 to 3 movies for free, depending on download size, as you will be allocated free 2GB. That was the main point which persuaded us to try it.

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